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How it is possible to acquire WhatsApp messages, SMS messages, Facebook messages, etc. from your smartphone giving it a probative value?



Two ex-spouses exchange messages via WhatsApp.

The woman denounces her ex-husband for persecutory acts (c.d. stalking). The ex-husband, every night, sends out abusive messages and threats, and after a few minutes he cancels them.

In a situation like this, the woman can not get the advice she receives every night from her ex because they are deleted.

The only solution would be to take pictures on the phone screen (screenshot) when the message arrives and before it is deleted.

This operation, however, if done with normal App screenshot would have no legal value because the counterparty could challenge the image and say that it was made ad hoc, or otherwise altered.



The only solution is to use an app that allows the acquisition of the smartphone screen with forensics mode, such as to be able to give a probative value to the screenshot.

The app in question is called FAS and can be downloaded from Google Play.

FAS is designed to be used even by the less experienced user to collect digital tests independently from their smartphone, at any time of the day. It is not necessary to be an IT expert to acquire the proof; just install the FAS App, start it and start taking pictures on the screen of your phone; the rest thinks all FAS.

The screenshots will be crystallized and sent to the FAS Server infrastructure with all the contents necessary to certify the acquisition. With a simple “tap” the whole acquisition procedure is monitored, crystallized, saved and authenticated.

The proof acquired through the FAS App is technically genuine and reliable. The value of the digital test is based on how it is acquired: in order for a digital data to become proof, it is necessary to guarantee certainty and conformity between the forensic acquisition performed and the data present on the smartphone.

The proof acquired by the FAS App, together with the Server infrastructure used, and advanced security implementations is absent from the possibility of counterfeiting the acquired elements. The proof, therefore, is genuine and reliable and immediately presentable in court or extra-judicial.

Lawyers can suggest to their customers the use of this App to capture screenshots of smartphones at any time of the day and in a completely autonomous way. All the acquisitions can then be exported in a technical report that the lawyer can attach to the lawsuit or to the documents of the case.



The screenshot captured by your smartphone and stored in the FAS server has a significant probative value for procedural purposes, since the acquisition made can not be altered or modified in any way.

A simple screenshot made with other applications is not considered reliable because it can easily be altered. FAS certifies the screenshots by storing them in the server and connecting it with an XML file containing a series of data from the device from which the acquisition was made.

The procedure for acquiring screenshots with FAS is very simple and fast and allows an obvious saving of time and costs, contrary to the normal acquisitions made by specialized technical consultants who need medium-long times and require very high financial outlays.

On the FAS server it is possible to validate the acquisitions by accessing the address and verifying dates, times, hash and information on the device from which the screenshot was performed.

Acquisitions remain saved on FAS servers for three years from the date of acquisition. If longer archiving over time is required (for example, due to a court proceeding), an extension of the storage duration of the acquisition on the server can be purchased.



On the official FAS website you can find further information and details.